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Well, I have got another laptop, also the same of IBM Thinkpad. It is more updated and easier to use for me.Som friends of mine told me when they knew my losing of the old laptop that ” Fortune went away ,people stayed instead”.

I hope that with the new tool, my works will be better, at least less boring than before. As a journalist, I have to think over and over, and write everyday.At this point, after getting my doctor degree I have to teach much more than before.I want to work hard to pay the debts I have borrowed from the society and other relatives. My laptop is considered as my arm to fight the laziness and daffiness. I do believe that in this information era, without computer, we are just illiterate.


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Tam biet IBM Thinkpad Thay loi tua:VI DANG NHUNG CHUYEN DI XA

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  • 1. Thái Sơn  |  Tháng Chín 2, 2006 lúc 1:37 sáng

    I’ve been too busy to visit your site lately. I’m happy for you getting a new laptop. Is this ThinkPad really good?
    As a designer, I’m not very good at my writing, but as a marketer, writing skill is critical to succeed. I’m practicing it. BTW, it would be great if you can post your lecture notes (from the courses you’re teaching) to this blog. Not only me, but many people will benefit greatly from them. If it’s not possible due to Uni’s policy, you can give us a short summary and some of your thinking about journalism, PR, marketing in Vietnam.
    Moreover, Your students can also come to your blog to download the documents and discuss with you and their classmates about what they’re learning.

    Phản hồi
  • 2. tranngocchau  |  Tháng Chín 2, 2006 lúc 11:50 chiều

    Thanks for your ideas.I have tried it, but most of my students here prefer to have them in printed documents to online ones.I have very few time to do both: making printed documents and post them on my web.
    Moreover, I often design my lecture into power point, so you think, is it OK if I post them onto my blogs.
    I am focussing my time to publish my new book of ” Vi dang nhung chuyen di xa”- one of clooection book about the beginning of Vietnam’s reforms(Doi Moi).I will post this book onto my blogs.

    Phản hồi
  • 3. tranngocchau  |  Tháng Chín 2, 2006 lúc 11:51 chiều

    Dear Son, \My new laptop is IBM Thinkpad T43.Is it OK?

    Phản hồi
  • 4. Thái Sơn  |  Tháng Chín 24, 2006 lúc 8:24 chiều

    Yeah, usually, the Thinkpad series are quite durable and reliable. Just be careful to keep your eyes on it. Don’t let it get stolen like the last time. 😉

    Phản hồi

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